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Stephen Hathway

M. 0413 443 224





Stephen is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Liquidator and the Director of Helm Advisory. Born and raised in Tamworth, Stephen has over 35 years of professional and commercial experience, allowing for him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate world. Through the many jobs that Stephen has taken on, he has also gained an extensive contact list, assisting him in the success of his cases.

One of the founding partners of Helm Advisory, Stephen currently holds the position of Managing Director.


Stephen has worked on large administrations, allowing for him to work in the following areas:


Company Administrations

Personal debt mediation

Informal and formal personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy

Stephen is the President and founder of the Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners (AIIP), a non-profit organisation established by Insolvency Practitioners to assist fellow IPs to meet the challenges prevailing in the industry.


For further information please visit www.aiip.org.au


Stephen is a leading insolvency specialist in the building industry, having conducted a number of large building administrations often requiring the Company to trade-on to complete current building works. Stephen has worked across a wide range of industries and business sectors ranging from Retail through to registered clubs as well as manufacturing.

The assignments have been over small, medium to large enterprises. He has instructed complex legal matters when the circumstances have warranted same.

Administrations have been conducted in the following industries:

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining Services

  • Real Estate

  • Labour hire

  • Hospitality

  • Construction

  • Retail

  • Transport and freight

  • Home Loan and Mortgage Brokers


  • Bachelor of Fin Admin (Accounting) – New England (AU) University

  • Master of Economics (Accounting) – Macquarie University


  • Registered Liquidator

  • President of the AIIP – Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners

  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

  • Professional Member of ARITA

  • Justice of the Peace – New South Wales


Stephen enjoys chasing the arts, gardening and wearing the odd bow tie!