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In a career spanning more than 35 years, Ross has acquired substantial expertise across all areas of accounting, taxation and forensic accounting. Together with technical knowledge, Ross has acquired substantial practical experience that he can apply. This expertise, combined with his commitment to developing strong relationships with his clients, has resulted in a substantial and loyal client portfolio.

Ross commenced his career as an undergraduate accountant working for Nexia Court and Co and quickly became a team leader in charge of a client portfolio. Ross then began work with a specialist insolvency firm, Vouris & Bell, where he maintained his role in the tax, accounting and forensic area, but in the process gained a range of commercial insolvency experiences. Ross then established his own sole trader business, Mottershead & Co, where he continued to grow his own client base and following. Ross merged his business into RMG Partners, where he was a principal for approximately 8 years, which in turn in 2013 merged with SV Partners. Ross and his team have now joined Helm Advisory – Business Services and Forensic Accountants.


Ross has been a Principal / Director in chartered accounting firms for over 20 years and he is currently a director of Helm Advisory – Business Services and Forensic Accountants. As a director of forensics, Ross provides reports quantifying economic loss, business valuations and advice on accounting related matters.


Ross also provides specialist accounting, taxation and consulting services to approximately 160 businesses, high net worth individuals and superannuation funds, helping them to maintain compliance and maximize their financial potential. The businesses range in size from 100K turnover to $90mil turnover per annum and are in a variety of industries including motor repair, meat, legal, retail and wholesale.



Ross specialises in forensic accounting and has been called as an expert witness in various court proceedings and prepares in the order of 90 to 100 reports a year. He has a team of accountants working for him that he can call on to assist. Ross has prepared valuations and economic loss reports including businesses trading in the following industries:

  • Food retail industry

  • General consumer goods retail industry

  • Trades including plumbing, electrical and retail trades

  • Wholesale industries

  • Accounting firms, legal firms, architect firms and various other consulting firms

  • IT industry, including software and hardware

  • Mining and resources

  • Timber

  • Manufacturing



  • Bachelor of Business

  • Chartered Accountant

  • Registered Tax Agent



  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)


Ross has provided business valuation reports and economic loss reports with respect to:

  • Informal advice to directors

  • Informal advice to resolve shareholder disputes

  • District Court proceedings

  • Supreme Court proceedings

  • Family Court proceedings

  • Proceedings in various tribunals