Lender Services

We provide services to private lenders, lender syndicates or financial institutions. Our experienced team will devise the best strategies for the assets we are appointed over.

We can assist secured creditors to recover owings when their debtor company is experiencing financial difficulties. Options for secured creditors include appointment of Helm as a Receiver, Receiver and Manager or as Agent for the Mortgagee in Possession, depending on the nature of their security.


The purpose of an appointments is to:


  • Take control, protect, collect and sell some or all of the debtor company’s assets;

  • Repay the debts owed to the secured creditor.


A Receiver, Receiver and Manager and Agent for the Mortgagee in Possession only acts for the interest of a secured creditor.


Helm’s team has an excellent track record in working with financial institutions, secured lenders and company directors to assist companies throughout a receivership. 

Professional Team

Stephen Hathway


Managing Director


  • Bachelor of Fin Admin (Accounting) – New England (AU) University

  • Master of Economics (Accounting) – Macquarie University


  • Registered Liquidator

  • President of the AIIP (Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners)

  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

  • Professional Member of ARITA

  • Justice of the Peace – New South Wales



Stephen is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Liquidator and the Director of Helm Advisory. Born and raised in Tamworth, Stephen has over 35 years of professional and commercial experience, allowing for him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate world. Through the many jobs that Stephen has taken on, he has also gained an extensive contact list, assisting him in the success of his cases.


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