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Helm Advisory Chartered Accountants was established in 2015 and offers a range of specialist accounting services in the Sydney and New South Wales markets




Stephen Hathway is a registered liquidator with over 35 years insolvency experience and leads a team of dedicated staff of qualified accountants. The Helm team has worked of a wide range of corporate insolvency across a number of industries.



Ross Mottershead leads a dedicated team of accountants that provide business valuations, investigative accounting and expert witness reports as well as offering general business and tax accounting services. Ross is a registered Tax agent.


Felix Sudarto offers a unique CFO set of skills in corporate governance and tax compliance. Felix and his team work on a diverse set of successful and expanding clients.

Professional Team

Stephen Hathway


Managing Director


  • Bachelor of Fin Admin (Accounting) – New England (AU) University

  • Master of Economics (Accounting) – Macquarie University


  • Registered Liquidator

  • President of the AIIP

       (Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners)

  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

  • Professional Member of ARITA

  • Justice of the Peace – New South Wales



Over 30 years of professional and commercial experience, allowing for him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the corporate world. Through the many jobs that Stephen has taken on, he has also gained an extensive contact list, assisting him in the success of his cases. Stephen has worked on large administrations, allowing for him to work in the following areas: Company Insolvencies, Personal debt mediation, informal and formal personal insolvency agreements and bankruptcy.


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